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Here are some regular questions we are often asked.....

Q:Do i need to empty my room before cleaning?

A:No, we are happy to move any furniture before and after cleaning.

Q:How long will my carpets or upholstery be wet?

A:Depending on carpet pile thickness it should take no more than a few hours to dry completely.

Q:Do i need to vacuum my carpets first?

A:No,our equipment will do all the cleaning in one go.

Q:Can i walk on my carpets straight after ,or do i need to wait for it to dry?

A:It is always best to leave to dry first but you are able to use your room as and when you want as our equipment leaves your carpets and upholstery just slightly damp and not over wet.

Q:How much will my cleaning cost me?

A:Not as much as you might think,depending on your cleaning requirements we offer over the phone quotes at a sensible low price which have been consistent for over 15 years but typically we can professionally clean your lounge carpet for as little as £25.00


Q:How much notice do i need to give to book my cleaning requirements?

A: As much notice as possible would be great to avoid disappointment,but usually a few days is more than adequate.

Please feel free to contact us on the number below for more information or to discuss your requirements further.We look forward to your valued custom.

Contact Rick or Bev for more 

information on...

01723 366755.